JPRI  Sdn.  Bhd.  started operations in 1990. The company is 

engaged in wholesaling and retailing fast moving consumer goods in Brunei Darussalam. Through the years the company emerged into a viable and profitable operation in just a short span of time despite of economic downturn. It is a clear distinction that the company has made a marked growth and stability in the market and still growing, for the company has a goal to pursue in the near future. Moreover the company own and run a group of Mini Marts. Thus, 99% of the retail outlets and supermarkets in Brunei Darussalam are our clients.

The company believes in the adherence of ‘customer satisfaction', which is the main source of market. To gain a highly accepted market, the company should provide quality product, reasonable price and quality service. In line with this, the company will focus on sole distributorship of competitive products. The company is designed to help boost retail outlets profitable for the company solely believes them to be the 'market-maker'. JPRI Sdn. Bhd. has a vision to excel from its business ideals… Profitable, Stable and Serviceable.


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